• Advertising industry

    In the advertising industry, light and shadow, vocal, action of the magical effect make characteristics of the laser technology performance incisively and vividly

    2017/03/23 admin 10

  • Elevator industry

    At present, for the elevator enterprises, laser cutting machine is no longer a distant and advanced equipments

    2017/03/23 admin 9

  • Lamps and lanterns industry

    Now a lot of lamp act  use metal elements  gradually, especially to complete high-precision hollow-out graph cut。

    2017/03/23 admin 22

  • Sheet metal industry

    And already 2000 w CO2 laser cutting system of the actual processing speed

    2017/03/23 admin 16

  • Kitchenware utenslis industry

    Metal laser cutting machine in sheet metal processing industry, especially in the field of kitchen utensils and appliances sanitary ware industry application is very wide

    2017/03/23 admin 7

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