laser cutting machine applications(Agricultural machinery)

2017-07-11 10:58:49 admin 0

In recent years, China's agricultural machinery manufacturing industry is very rapid, in 2007 has formed an annual output worth 150 billion in scale, but also the rapid development of agricultural sector there is an urgent need for modern processing technology, therefore, diversified farm equipment, professional technology, the development trend of automation.
  First, as to restore and improve land cropping rate of arable land, the "three rural" The demand for agricultural machinery will present rigid growth trend in recent years, both the rate of 8% annually.
  In addition, food crops farming, planting, harvesting requires farm products, product demand gradually broken down, the type of agricultural products tend to diversification and specialization. Where large and medium tractors & nbsp; performance harvesting machinery, medium and large planter demand further increase, the typical mechanical equipment such as medium and large horsepower tractors, medium and large wheat combine harvester, corn combine harvester, wheat and corn tillage planter; the new farm machinery needed for the production of oil crops such as has been rapid development, such as rape harvester, planter, peanut harvesting machine, etc & nbsp; additional reclamation backward agriculture in developing countries will also increase the demand for shoe drag and variant products.
  With the continuous upgrading of agricultural products and new product development, new processing methods to put forward new demands, such as CAD / CAM, laser processing technology, CNC and automation technology, these application of advanced technologies, will accelerate the process of modernization of China's agricultural machinery . Laser cutting machine in farm production of sheet metal workpieces application of agricultural products generally use 4 ~ 6mm steel plate, sheet metal variety, and updated quickly, the traditional agricultural products sheet metal processing pieces usually punch mode, mold consumption, usually a Treasury large farm machinery manufacturers for mold stored near 300 square meters. Thus, the machining parts If you still remain in the traditional way, will severely restrict the rapid upgrading of product and technology development, and flexible laser processing advantages manifested.
  Laser processing can aid modern CAD / CAM software, to achieve any shape sheet metal cutting, laser processing, not only fast processing speed, high efficiency, low cost, and avoid mold or tool change, shortening the production lead time period. Easy to achieve continuous processing, laser beam transposition short time, improve production efficiency. A variety of workpieces can be alternately installed. When machining a workpiece, you can remove the finished parts, and install a workpiece to be machined to achieve parallel processing.