Comparison of CO2 and fiber laser cutting machine laser cutting machine

2017-05-15 15:34:35 admin 5

From the modern laser cutting, laser welding machine applications and user technical requirements, the laser cutting, welding is undoubtedly the future development direction of high power, large-format, high efficiency, forming, high intelligence.
First, as mainstream conventional laser cutting, welding equipment used CO2 laser can be stabilized within 20mm cutting carbon steel, stainless steel less than 10mm, aluminum 8mm or less. Fiber laser cutting sheet 4mm or less obvious advantages, it affected poor quality solid-state laser wavelengths when cutting slabs. Laser cutting machine is not a panacea, CO2 laser wavelength of 10.6um, solid-state lasers such as YAG or fiber laser wavelength of 1.06um, the former is more easily absorbed by the non-metallic, high-quality cut can be wood, acrylic, PP, plexiglass other non-metallic materials, which is not easily absorbed by the non-metallic, non-metallic materials it can not be cut, but the two lasers in the face of copper, silver, aluminum, high reflective materials are helpless.
Secondly, because of both CO2 and fiber laser wavelength difference of one order of magnitude, the former can not be used in optical fiber transmission, which can be transmitted by optical fiber, greatly increasing the degree of flexibility of processing. Early before the fiber laser market, in order to achieve three-dimensional processing, can be used by dynamic light joint technology combined with highly sophisticated mirror system of the CO2 laser leads to the three-dimensional curved surface, to achieve three-dimensional processing CO2 laser, this technology because the domestic restrictions precision machining technology mainly lies in the hands of a handful of European and American countries, expensive, high maintenance requirements, in the fiber laser market share while gradually expanding its market has been gradually losing. The fiber laser because it can be transmitted through the fiber, the degree of flexibility than ever before, especially for the automotive industry, due to the substantially curved sheet metal processing are about 1mm fiber laser with the same flexible robotic systems, low cost, low point of failure , easy maintenance, fast and doing my part to firmly occupied this market.
Again, the fiber laser photoelectric conversion rate as high as 25%, while CO2 laser photoelectric conversion rate of only about 10%, in terms of electricity consumption, supporting cooling system and other advantages of fiber laser is quite obvious that if the fiber laser manufacturers some more , then the right price point, and solve the slab cutting process, CO2 laser threat will be large. However, the fiber laser as a new laser technology, the popularity of far less CO2 laser, its stability and reliability, ease of service remains to be long-term observation of the market.
It is worth mentioning that according to international safety standards, laser hazard rating graded 4, CO2 laser belongs to the smallest level of harm, and fiber laser due to the large wave length human eye injury, are the most dangerous level, for security consider, fiber laser processing needs fully enclosed environment.
In addition, the fiber laser with robot flexible manufacturing systems in a high position in the automotive industry and supporting industries for a long time, used to be monopolized by foreign builders in recent years due to the financial crisis and rising production technology the automotive industry, especially in the domestic laser manufacturers of high-end technology in support of national policy on research and technology, many foreign car in the high-end brands and national brands gleaned crab, ultra-high price of the share of foreign arrogant and mysterious veil has been lifted, torn. In summary, the direction of the laser applications should be high-power CO2 laser application in a more stable, more large-format, faster machines. 2mm below the surface for processing, the fiber laser is an advantage.