The new fiber laser has become the industry focus

2017-08-09 09:18:39 admin 7

2008 fiber lasers accounted for about 7% of the market share, in 2009, fiber lasers continue to gain market share in the sheet metal processing sector. European Photovoltaic Industry Association statistics count, in 2009 total revenue of fiber lasers for 180 million euros ($ 233 million). 2010, fiber lasers occupying a quarter of industrial lasers $ 2.8 billion market share. Sales of fiber lasers will be more annual growth rate of 35% rise from 2005's $ 140 million increase in 2010 of $ 680 million. The same period, the industrial laser market only nine percent growth per year.

2010 kilowatts of power CO2 laser cutting machine sales reached 1,000 units, accounting for 20% to 25% of the global market. According to the market in 2010, China as a manufacturing power, ownership this year will not fall below 10,000 units. 2000 years ago, 10 years, China's total was 280.
This year the Chinese market can be described as a laser fiber laser in full swing of the year, from the sale in terms of power greater than 1000W high-power fiber lasers has annual sales of more than one hundred units, low power fiber lasers has reached thousands, at present in the Chinese market, the introduction of the maximum power fiber lasers is 15000W. Laser technology in various applications have occupied a very important position in the field of research and development accounted for 12%, material processing sector accounts for 32%, 12% communications and information sector accounts for 14%, 20% medical field, measurements and other field each 9% and 1%. Laser technology, should vigorously develop high absorption rate, high capacity utilization of a direct semiconductor laser, compared with CO2 and solid-state lasers, semiconductor lasers significance lies in its shorter wavelength, the device is very small volume, high efficiency, and fiber good coupling, easy to modulate and other fine features, the cost can be reduced.
More and more customers and more attention to the problem of quality, so our domestic business R & D capabilities and production technology has a very important significance, only continue to improve product quality, technology will continue to progress.