How will laser processing equipment enterprises layout?

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Manufacturing is the main body of the national economy. "Made inChina" has long been a global business card. In the last century, people mentioned manufacturing industry, often thinking of the words of dense, low end, cheap and so on. With the development of global intelligent manufacturing, manufacturing industry is not just a simple and dense industry, it has developed into a word of high technology, and "Chinamade 2025" came into being in such a situation. In the future, people will have to thumb up when they talk about makingChinaagain.

In recent years, laser processing equipment has become more and more widely used in industry, and some industries have even replaced artificial and mechanical processing. According to the statistics, the global market size of laser processing has maintained rapid growth in the last two years. By 2017, the market scale reached 11 billion 330 million US dollars, up 8.9% from the same period. The driving force for the growth of laser market in 2017 is mainly due to the continuous release of laser demand in the field of material processing and communication.

In the global high-tech manufacturing situation, laser processing equipment enterprises have also ushered in greater opportunities, such as brittle materials, new energy vehicles and power batteries, 3D printing and other industries with very precise processing requirements, laser processing will play an indispensable role.

Under the favorable situation of new industries and upgrading of manufacturing industry, how should the laser processing equipment enterprises occupy a place in the new market? OFweek laser network editor believes that the following three points will be done and enterprises will be fully benefited.

First, new technology research and development, leading industry development

High power fiber laser technology is also a popular laser technology direction in recent years, and has great application in industrial manufacturing, medical treatment, energy exploration and other fields. Fiber laser has the advantages of good beam quality, high efficiency and good heat dissipation. It represents the development direction of high power and high brightness laser.

The rapid growth of industrial lasers in 2017 was mainly due to the substantial growth of fiber lasers. Fiber laser technology has made breakthroughs, the demand for downstream industries has increased steadily, and the fiber laser industry has a market scale of more than US $2 billion. Fiber lasers have brought about technological changes in laser cutting. Nowadays, the demand for fiber lasers is increasing, and the application fields are slowly beginning to penetrate into the basic fields such as automobiles, ships, aerospace and so on. China is the world's important industrial laser market, many domestic laser enterprises are also increasing the research and development of fiber laser technology, such as Shenzhen Chuangxin laser, Wuhan Rui laser and so on are actively increasing the research and development of fiber laser technology, very good for the future market. Recently, sharp laser is also actively seeking listing, one of which is to increase the input of high-power laser technology.

Because most of the high power fiber lasers inChinarely on imports at present, domestic fiber laser enterprises need more technical input to take the initiative in the future market, which is also their opportunity. The market penetration rate of fiber laser produced by Rui laser has increased and the number of customers has increased year by year.

Two, strengthen the industrial distribution and enhance the influence of the industry

For laser equipment enterprises, how to enhance their influence in the industry is a matter that must be faced. Strengthening industrial layout is a good choice. The Dazu laser is very optimistic about the new energy auto industry. It has also begun to make the upstream of lithium battery in the near future. Especially in the intelligent manufacturing of the lithium battery, it has completed the industrial layout of the equipment manufacturing.

In addition to the large group of laser, Chinese laser also actively layout new energy vehicle processing, it is reported that in April this year, the Chinese industry laser new energy equipment department was unveiled in Shenzhen, which is to occupy emerging markets.

Three, increase cooperation with new industry enterprises and expand product lines.

3D printing is a rapid prototyping technology, which can be used in many industries. Laser equipment and 3D printing enterprises can also expand their product lines. With the decline in the price of 3D printing materials and printing equipment, the 3D printing market is expected to expand rapidly. As an important processing means, laser technology will be mature in the market, and the future prospects are very considerable.

It is reported that the "laser 3D printing technology" completed by Wuhan optoelectronics National Laboratory has successfully passed the appraisal of Hubei provincial science and technology office. This set of equipment is currently the world's leading efficiency, printing parts size of the largest precision metal parts laser 3D printing equipment. The equipment uses 4 lasers at the same time to solve the technical problems such as the integration and weight reduction of the complex and precision metal parts in the space and space. It realizes the high precision forming of the complex metal parts, the improvement of the forming efficiency and the shortening of the equipment development cycle.

For the enterprise, it is both an opportunity and a challenge.

For the laser industry chain, laser processing equipment is the core of the industry, whether it is the upstream device, numerical control, material, or the downstream application manufacturers, which can reflect the high end of the laser manufacturing strength is these equipment enterprises. For enterprises, in addition to the core technology, the key to the mainstream market is also the secret of growth and growth, the huge demand brought by these emerging industries brings them opportunities, but it is also a challenge.