Fiber lasers will make a great deal in these four fields

2018-05-31 16:03:30 admin 6

As a device that can emit laser, the use of laser is very extensive. According to the classification of materials, the laser is divided into fiber laser, semiconductor laser, solid laser and CO2 laser. In recent years, the fastest developing fiber laser is the fiber laser. According to the relevant data, by the end of 2017, the rate of fiber laser in the global industrial market has been over half.

The popularity of fiber lasers is inextricably linked to the market environment and its own characteristics. Compared with other types of lasers, it has the advantages of low manufacturing cost, high stability and fast heat dissipation. It is suitable to be used in large-scale industrial cutting and welding demand.

Ten years ago, the rapid expansion of mobile phone manufacturing, clothing processing and other markets led to a blowout growth of fiber laser demand, which many people think is the peak of the industry. In recent years, the growth of mobile phones and clothing has slowed down, and many opinions about the "ceiling" of fiber laser market appear. With the arrival of the age of intelligent manufacturing and Internet of things, the future use of fiber laser will be more and more extensive. New energy vehicles, new materials, fiber communication and other fields will be started in an all-round way, and the market prospect will be unlimited. With the explosion of these emerging fields, the fiber laser market will also have a larger growth in the next ten years.

With the release of China's "China made 2025" strategy, the word "intelligent manufacturing" is widely mentioned, and as an inseparable part of the high-end manufacturing industry, the demand for intelligent manufacturing equipment is also increasing, and the fiber laser will be promising.

1. Rail transit

According to national planning, in the high-end manufacturing field, China will focus on the rapid development of rail transit and energy saving devices. The requirements of rail transportation are firm, high precision, stable quality, and the continuity and efficiency of laser welding are very useful. At present, the application of fiber laser in the manufacturing of rail vehicles is focused on energy cutting and the welding of key components. With the construction of high-speed rail and subway in the future, the demand for fiber laser will also increase.

2. Optical fiber communication

With the development of the technology of the Internet of things, "the interconnection of all things", as a kind of beautiful vision, will also become a reality. Fiber communication is a part of communication technology, which has the characteristics of accuracy, reliability and high speed. Facing the growing application of the Internet of things, the requirements of data transmission and processing are higher. The low cost of fiber laser manufacturing glass fiber, mature technology, miniaturization and intensive advantage can be brought into play.

3. New materials

In recent years, 3D printing, new energy, environmental protection equipment and other emerging industries are developing rapidly, many of them have special requirements for materials. New industries, such as new materials, fine ceramics, fiber and other new materials, are coming to a greater opportunity, and fiber lasers are widely used in the processing of new materials. The market demand for new material processing is lower cost, easier operation and more stable performance. Compared with traditional laser equipment, fiber laser is better in cutting speed.

4. Power battery processing

China is already the largest new energy car market in the world. In recent years, new car enterprises have sprung up like mushrooms. Compared with the traditional fuel automobile processing, the processing of power battery is a new big cake. It is a good news for the laser equipment market. The requirements of the new energy vehicle battery processing for the cost, safety and environmental control are very high. The fiber laser can meet the requirements of the welding precision and the stability of the equipment.

Summary: in the global trend of the Internet of things, the demand for intelligent manufacturing is higher, faster and wider. As one of the manufacturing equipment that complies with the trend of the times, fiber laser will play its own advantages in many new fields and push the development of the animal network. Whether or not we can gain market recognition in these applications is due to the development of fiber laser technology.