Laser safety: escort the future of laser technology

2018-05-25 16:08:39 admin 2

From the first beam of lasers born in the US California laboratory in 1960, the laser has been integrated into manufacturing and part of social life in only half a century, promoting the innovation and development of industrial technology. The means of transportation we travel, the electronic products we use for communication, the space we explore, and the space world of our exploration include laser applications and laser processing technology. The laser distance is closer to us than we imagined.

Since the first Munich Shanghai fair in 2006, the exhibition has been closely following the development of the photoelectric industry, promoting the communication between and outside the industry. With the flourishing development of the optoelectronic industry and the increasing prospect of laser products, the laser security problems brought by this new laser technology have not been paid attention to. Whether in the Chinese market or in the international market, there are strict standards for laser safety. However, in the European and American markets, while the laser safety is strictly controlled, the relevant standards are powerless in the Chinese market.

In 2014, the Shanghai light fair in Munich, sponsored by the China Optical Society, was hosted by the laser processing Specialized Committee of China, the Munich Shanghai light fair, and the first laser security initiative launched by ten leading enterprises in the laser industry. Since then, we have opened up the indissoluble bond between laser safety and Munich Shanghai Expo. We work together with TUV in Rhine, Germany, to formulate regulations and laser safety guidelines for the concept of laser safety in the exhibitors of "laser and Optoelectronics" and "laser production and processing equipment". The exhibitors at the exhibition site with equipment operation needs to listen to the advice of TUV, Germany, TUV for laser safety, and take relevant protective measures to strictly control the distance, protection standards and warnings involving laser safety protection.

By 2018, five years of time with laser security together, Munich Shanghai light Expo has developed into a display area of 51750 square meters, the exhibition three days 55872 professional visitors to visit the Asian photoelectricity industry event. For the safety of laser, the process of beginning to adapt is slow, we have received the incomprehension and complaint of the exhibitors; on the one hand, the exhibitors lack the basic knowledge of laser safety, on the other hand, the protection of laser safety will also produce actual costs. Faced with such a realistic problem, Munich Shanghai Expo will resist pressure and become more aware of the importance of promoting the concept of laser safety to exhibitors and spectators.

As Asia's laser, optics and optoelectronics industry event, Munich Shanghai Expo will give you a brand-new taste of "intelligent light manufacturing". "Intelligent light manufacturing", integrated with laser, automation, machine vision and many other disciplines and technologies, as a comprehensive advanced productivity, in the automotive, electronic semiconductor, material processing, aerospace, rail transportation, household electrical appliances and other manufacturing industries have been more and more widely used, and in product performance, efficiency, Accuracy and cost control are excellent. The integration of many technologies has made the "intelligent light manufacturing" break through the bottleneck of traditional manufacturing industry and bring unprecedented vitality to modern manufacturing industry.